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Welcome to CA.Sculpts


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At CASculpts no job is taken for granted. With years of experience as a professional digital sculptor, prior work in different art sectors and art enthusiast all my life you can rest assured that you have brought your project to the right place!

Moreover I have hands-on experience in 3D printing and resin manufacturing process ensuring best end product.

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Dragon Bust Final.jpg
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After almost 10 years in my career I finally found the courage to work on one of the most majestic creatures in the fantasy world, a Dragon!... well a bust for now.


Funnily enough when I started out my main interest was to work on creatures and beasts especially dragons, but I have waited for my skills to improve in order to get the desired result.


Now the time has come and I present you Argoroth, Ruler of the Peaks. I really enjoyed working on this project although at times was really frustrating and took much more time than planned, but I have to say that I'm really happy with the result and can't wait to work on similar projects to keep refining my skills on the subject

Argoroth is now available in stl format


Hope you enjoy and as always thank you very much for your constant support!




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"No one is safe when dawn turns to dusk and the mother is awaken"

Pre-Order now available!


Finally it's time to reveal my first resin miniature bust solely as CA.Sculpts.
It's been a long time that I wanted to start my own exclusive range and that day is today!

Thank you all for your constant support, without you CA.Sculpts would be just a dream.

Product info:

  • Type: Bust including plinth

  • Scale: 1:9th (120mm from bottom of plinth to top of headdress)

  • Parts: Comes in 2 parts (Bust & Plinth)

  • Material: High quality polyurethane resin

  • Cast by: CMA Creative Solutions

  • Estimated shipping start: 24th/31st Oct

  • Ships from: Malta (Europe)





Isobel the Matriarch 1.jpg
LT BG.jpg

For Glory

I present to you is For Glory. As you may have noticed this one was made to be part of a set with For Honour and thought it was a good way to introduce this new character in such a way. His name is Raion and you will see him in some more of my sculptures in the future. He is now available for pre-order over at Robot Rocket miniature. Hope you like and as always thank you all for your support

For Glory.Marble 1.jpg
For Glory final.jpg
For Honour.jpg
LT BG.jpg

Since it's the 2nd year anniversary of Re-Konnect, we have decided to give you yet another version of her since we know you all love her so much!


I tried to create something a bit different here a more sort of allegoric composition that tells a bit of a story!


Hope you like and enjoy as much as I and RobotRocket Miniatures do!


STL files for 3D printing


Resin Miniature collectibles


Large Scale

& Fine Art 




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