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Welcome to CA.Sculpts


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At CASculpts no job is taken for granted. With years of experience as a professional digital sculptor, prior work in different art sectors and art enthusiast all my life you can rest assured that you have brought your project to the right place!

Moreover I have hands-on experience in 3D printing and resin manufacturing process ensuring best end product.

-- Latest Collaborations

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Since it's the 2nd year anniversary of Re-Konnect, we have decided to give you yet another version of her since we know you all love her so much!


I tried to create something a bit different here a more sort of allegoric composition that tells a bit of a story!


Hope you like and enjoy as much as I and RobotRocket Miniatures do!

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LT BG.jpg

The Guardian of time

Neriah bust no mask.jpg

So let's start 2022 with a good note!

I present to you Neriah, The Guardian of Time an original concept and sculpture done by myself. 

This project will be produced in collaboration with  RobotRocket Miniatures and today we will be releasing the 1:24th (75mm) scale Full version and 1:11th Academic bust both with optional pieces! 

I hope you like this project as much as we do, and wish you all a wonderful year! 


Neriah bust mask.jpg
Neriah mask square.jpg
LT BG.jpg

Bite the Bullet

And finally here is another project done in collaboration with RobotRocket Miniatures! As a lot of you may know it's a full version of the well known Lock n Load bust and now it is also available in stl format for all 3D printing enthusiast to enjoy! 


It comes at 1/6th scale split into 11 parts that are pre supported but we have also included the 75mm version that is split into 8 parts for those who wish to print at that scale and in less parts.

The 75mm version files are not supported. 

LT BG.jpg

the cycleof life

A long awaited moment by many has arrived!

Ouroboros The Cycle of Life is now available to purchase as an stl file and comes with pre supports!

Ouroboros is a personal project done in 2017 and to date it still remains on of my favorite and means a lot to me.

Ouroboros represents the beginning of life, and the end, with time in between. This is the journey that each and every one of us has to follow. In this project I have tried to give shape to the saying that life and death walk hand in hand, and the fact that wherever there is life, there is also death.

Ouroboros 1.jpg

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