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Welcome to CA.Sculpts


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At CASculpts no job is taken for granted. With years of experience as a professional digital sculptor, prior work in different art sectors and art enthusiast all my life you can rest assured that you have brought your project to the right place!

Moreover I have hands-on experience in 3D printing and resin manufacturing process ensuring best end product.

-- Latest Collaborations

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Bite the Bullet

And finally here is another project done in collaboration with RobotRocket Miniatures! As a lot of you may know it's a full version of the well known Lock n Load bust and now it is also available in stl format for all 3D printing enthusiast to enjoy! 


It comes at 1/6th scale split into 11 parts that are pre supported but we have also included the 75mm version that is split into 8 parts for those who wish to print at that scale and in less parts.

The 75mm version files are not supported. 

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the cycleof life

A long awaited moment by many has arrived!

Ouroboros The Cycle of Life is now available to purchase as an stl file and comes with pre supports!

Ouroboros is a personal project done in 2017 and to date it still remains on of my favorite and means a lot to me.

Ouroboros represents the beginning of life, and the end, with time in between. This is the journey that each and every one of us has to follow. In this project I have tried to give shape to the saying that life and death walk hand in hand, and the fact that wherever there is life, there is also death.

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Deed that must 

Here is another diorama I sculpted for MetalAF miniatures to be used as his unique entry piece in the Crystal Brush competition 2019 & now it's available as an STL for all of you to enjoy!

Same as Pharaoh's Curse MetalAf provided a detailed description from what the act and mood of the diorama should look like. Although he had a precise idea of what he wanted he still gave me full trust to work on details and elaborate on what he presented to me, and that made the project more interesting and enjoyable!

For more info about the STL files click the button below or visit the store

As always thanks a lot for your support!

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15% Discount for the first 48hrs!

End's Monday 19th at 21.00 GMT+2

I sculpted Pharaoh's Curse in late 2017 for Benjamin Kantor aka Metal AF Miniatures, to be used as his unique entry piece in the Crystal Brush competition 2018, one of the biggest competitions at that time.

Metal AF Miniatures had a clear idea of what he wanted and sent me a detailed pdf complete with a written description reference and a quick sketch, which was more that what I could have asked for.

Together we built this piece and once sculpted, Benjamin went on to paint it and claim a very well deserved 3rd place! It goes without saying that such a result made the piece quite popular.

And now, three years and a lot of requests later, we (Metal AF Miniatures & CA.Sculpts) decided it was finally time to release the stl files for Pharaoh's Curse to be enjoyed by all of you!

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Here is Lesza, Keeper of the Woods


She is the latest figure from 75 Dreams, done in cooperation with Ignis art, now available for pre-order!

  • High quality resin

  • Scale 1:24 (75mm)

  • Limited to 300 copies

Lesza 1.png
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Here is Wużałka, half-human and half-snake, daughter of the Snake King - Wużałka.


She is the latest bust from Slavic Legends line, prepared in cooperation with Ignis art, now available for pre-order!

  • High quality resin

  • Scale 1:10th

  • Limited to 300 copies

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Vuzhalka 1.png
Vuzhalka Final.jpg
The Morrigan Final.jpg
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Celtic Goddess of death, war and fate

The Morrigan

A Journeyman Miniatures -        CA Sculpts collaboration

"She is known by many names: Badb, Macha, Nemain, Fae. She is the beating of the drum, the clarion call to war, the herald of death. Her chosen fated to fall in battle against insurmountable odds, their names and deeds to be sung for all eternity. She is the Phantom Queen, she is the Morrigan."

                                                                                -Tim Marsh

Morrigan right.png

The Morrigan is now available for pre-order!

It consists of a 15 part 75mm resin kit supplied unpainted and requires assembly

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Large Scale

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