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Charles Agius owner of CA.Sculpts

About Charles Agius

From my earliest memories, the world of art, especially sculpture, has enchanted me deeply. The ability to capture fleeting moments and transform them into tangible, three-dimensional forms, inviting viewers to experience them from every angle, has been a lifelong fascination. My journey into sculpture began in 2000, at the age of 12, when I first stepped into our local Game Store. There, I encountered the captivating universe of fantasy art & tabletop wargaming. Although I played the games, it was the artistic side that truly captivated me—particularly the art of converting and kit bashing miniatures. My love for sculpture continued to grow, leading me to experiment with different sculpting media and learn the art of constructing armatures to design and craft models from scratch. Sculpting evolved from a mere hobby into my deepest passion. That's when I knew that I had to make this my full-time pursuit; however, making a livelihood from this craft seemed like an insurmountable challenge on the tiny island of Malta where I reside.

In 2008, a pivotal moment arrived when I stumbled upon digital renders online, opening the doors to the realm of digital sculpting. I soon discovered ZBrush, a digital sculpting software that became the object of my obsession. I dedicated countless hours to learning and experimenting, devouring video tutorials and online courses. During this voyage of discovery, I chanced upon the wondrous world of 3D printing, a technology that, at the time, was far from the mainstream. Owning a 3D printer was the key to bring my digital creations into the physical world. Overcoming financial obstacles was the next hurdle, but the unwavering support of my brother, Albert, and my close friend, Andre, propelled us to invest in a 3D printer and launch our own brand, Blood Keep Miniatures. From my venture at Blood Keep Miniatures, I gained a wealth of knowledge as I handled every aspect of the manufacturing process, from digital sculpting to 3D printing to mold and casting. Our small venture quickly gained momentum and began to attract attention on the internet. Commission requests started pouring in, to the point where the most practical solution became closing down Blood Keep Miniatures and establishing CA Sculpts to focus more on artistic side through commissions without the need for manufacturing.

That decision began to bear fruit, as I collaborated with painters, working together to craft remarkable entries for esteemed challenges such as the renowned Crystal Brush and Scale Model Challange. Together, we embarked on these creative journeys, pouring our passion and talent into each project. Our dedication and artistry were recognized, and we received well-deserved that celebrated our shared commitment to the art of miniature sculpture.  My art also found a spotlight on various platforms, including ArtStation, ZBrush Central, CGSociety, and Putty & Paint where it was featured multiple times. Recently, I had the honor of receiving a gold medal for my sculpting prowess at a local challenge known as Minjatura. These acknowledgments and accolades further fuel my dedication to artistic exploration, innovation, and discovery, driving me to continue creating and sharing my passion

Today, I proudly stand as the owner of my own website and store, Here, I offer a collection of STL files and resin miniatures, which has allowed me to harness my artistic growth and transformation. Over the years, my artistic side has evolved, developing with the passage of time. I've journeyed from capturing fleeting moments to expressing my deepest emotions through the realms of myth, history, and the boundless horizons of science fiction. This evolution reflects not only my artistic progress but also the passion that has driven me, with a deep-rooted love for classical and Baroque art, to turn my dreams into tangible creations.


I'd also like to convey the invaluable support and unwavering encouragement that my wife, Stephanie, continuously provides, empowering me to progress and reach my aspirations, while my 6-year-old daughter, Rhea, fearlessly offers her audacious critiques to my work, reminding me that even the harshest art critic comes in a pint-sized package. My relentless dedication to this craft remains unwavering, and as I forge ahead, I invite you to join me on this ever-exciting journey of artistic exploration, innovation, and discovery through

Latest Projects


With threads of silk, her web she'll spin,

Ensnaring hearts and souls within.

Beware her charms, her alluring grace,

For in her arms, you'll lose your trace.

Jorogumo Japanese demon spider designed and sculpted by casculpts, STL for 3D ptinting
Jorogumo Japanese Demon Spider Bust designed and sculpted by casculpts, STL for 3D ptinting
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